Why Church Chair Finder is the Best Place to Buy Church Chairs

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Church Chair Rant
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Ok, this post is biased. I am not going to fluff that fact at all… I helped create Church Chair Finder.

So, “disclaimer” aside, I want to share with you why I am absolutely and honestly convinced that Church Chair Finder is the place that all churches should go when considering new church chairs. Let me start by listing three simple reasons:

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Lowest Prices
  3. Great Customer Service

Can buying church chairs be easy?
Well, making a big-ticket purchase is never easy… And buying new chairs for your worship service are no exception. There are many factors to consider from color and style to quality and price. However, Church Chair Finder reduces this process to a simple online form which helps you take wise first-steps towards your chair purchase. After you complete the form a church chair professional contacts you and holds-your-hand through the rest of the process. After 5 minutes on the phone you will be a church chair expert and ready to make an informed decision.

How can you be SURE to get the best price on church chairs?
By working with a company who not only guarantees it – they make it their mission and they encourage price comparison. Church Chair Finder is a service of Save Your Church Money; a ministry created by a pastor to help churches save money on the “stuff” they need. And when you use Church Chair Finder you can receive quotes from multiple chair suppliers with one easy click.

However, their main supplier (Church Furniture Partner) will always offer the lowest price. Again, they guarantee it. It is important to note that they offer the lowest price off-the-bat and do not try and make you haggle for a good price or try to only give you the best deal if you can find someone to “price match”.

Sometimes you may find what looks like a better price elsewhere but READ THEIR FINE PRINT and GET A SAMPLE CHAIR. It can be easy to get seduced into a chair that looks as good (on the web) and seems better priced — only to find out the chair is of poor quality and not built to last.

Why is customer service important when buying church chairs?
When ordering a large quantity (50+) of anything and dealing with freight shipping there can be some need for good communication and there can be some times when follow-up is needed after the order. If you have a damaged chair or chairs, have a freight delivery issue, have a fabric issue, etc you are going to want a company that focuses on customer service. Church Chair Finder is all about CHURCHES and honoring the church through fair pricing and excellent service. I cannot say enough about their care. When you call them you will get right through to someone who CARES.

Anyway, I hope I have made a strong case for what I truly believe… Church Chair Finder from Save Your Church Money is the absolute safest, smartest, most affordable, and easiest way to buy your new church chairs.

Check them out at ChurchChairFinder.Com!


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