Church Chair Search, Easy Quotes, and Free Church Chairs!

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Church Chair Rant, Uncategorized
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I haven’t blogged here in a while and for good reason.  Instead of simply complaining about what a nightmare it was to buy church chairs – I DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Meet Church Chair Finder!

I worked with an awesome company called Save Your Church Money and, with my church chair frustration in mind, helped to develop a new website that should end the church chair buying nightmare forever!  Can you tell I’m a bit excited!?

I went from being a pastor who was frustrated with the church chair industry and how it treated churches to a pastor who helps churches by making buying church chairs risk-free and easy!!

Church Chair Finder is my baby – and, no, I do NOT make money on the chairs sold there.  What is Church Chair Finder?  It is a completely new way to find and buy chairs.  There are a couple of cool features that make it unique…

#1 – A Dedicated Church Chair Search
When you search for chairs using the Church Chair Finder Search you will not get a bunch of store listings telling you to come check out their chairs.  You will get relevant results for the chairs you’re searching for…  Try it!  You can enter a chair color and get those results or a chair brand and compare, etc…

#2 – Have Church Chair Suppliers Compete for Your Business
This is the milk-and-honey!  Instead of searching the internet and talking to different church chair suppliers (and giving them your contact information) you can simply visit one website, submit one form and viola!!  You will receive print-ready quotes from several verified church chair suppliers.  This makes it easy to compare apples-to-apples the different chairs and suppliers and to bring several quotes before you church decision-makers.  You will send hours and hours less time (no more church chair nightmares!) finding the right chairs at the right price.  The suppliers will compete over you – they will all give you their BEST, LOWEST PRICE QUOTE in order to win your business.  Best of all it is risk-free…  When you submit a request for quotes NONE of your personal information is released to the suppliers.  They will not call you, email you, put you on any lists…  They use the Church Chair Finder quote system to send a quote directly to your inbox and that is it — it is up to YOU to take the next step if you choose to work with one of the suppliers.  Please, TRY IT OUT, it is free!

The last thing I want to note is that Church Chair Finder, in partnership with Save Your Church Money (SYCM), is currently offering FREE church chairs.  For details read the article on the SYCM website.

Thanks and God Bless!

  1. salvador Maciel says:

    so what did you do ?

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