Hercules Chairs – Some (Easy) Assembly Required!?

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Church Chair Rant
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So as you read in my last post it really seemed like used church chairs were not going to be the answer to our worship seating needs.  So I got my little brain stuck on the Hercules Worship Seating (link to Google search) since it seemed so much less expensive than the other church chairs I was seeing offered.

I went through the process, compared prices and found that little (ugly) site I mentioned earlier to have the lowest price on Hercules chairs.  So I thought “YES!  I am finally done!”.  But…

“I want to let you know that these hercules chairs are cheap, don’t last too long, and have some assembly required.”


The guy on the phone then started talking about another church chair which he strongly recommended.  This Comfortek brand chair was, of course – you guessed it, more expensive than the Hercules chair I had wanted.  As I half listened to the nice man on the phone talk I wondered if I was just trying to be “upsold” by a salesman looking to make an extra few bucks…  After a thank you, I hung up the phone and went back to the web to do some MORE research.  Three things stuck out to me about this guy’s speil.

  1. Hercules chairs are cheap and require assembly.
  2. The type of foam can be important.
  3. Chairs need to meet fire safety requirements and Hercules chairs might not.

AHHHHHH!  Ok, still have to vent some frustration.

So I checked into it and it was easy to find that #1 was true – the worship chairs from Hercules did require some assembly.  The backs of the chairs need to be screwed into the frame.  I immediately thought of the furniture I had assembled over the years and no matter how much “easy assembly” was promoted I could not imagine me or even our whole church spending the day assembling over 100 chairs!!


  1. Diane Wright says:

    Thanks for writing this blog. I’m currently experiencing the same nightmare. I even researched the costs for plain old metal folding chairs, which would still cost around $1,000 for 100 chairs. Unbelievable! I’d be interested to hear your final resolution/action on this (if you’ve reached one).

  2. Rick@churchpartner says:

    Really? congrats you’ve found the church chair which is less expensive compared to other church stores out there. Happy to hear it from you. Thanks for sharing this ideas.

  3. Pamela says:

    What chair did you buy?

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