After feeling that the company I was looking at for church chairs ( felt like a used car salesman.  The thought crossed my mind — ‘you know what, buying used might be a good idea’.  So I went back to my trusty tool (Google) and started the hunt for used church chairs.

When searching for used church chairs it seemed eBay was the place to go…  So I went there and I found something quite frustrating…  IT SEEMED THE SAME SELLERS WERE ON EBAY SELLING CHURCH CHAIRS!

I mean I literally saw the exact same offerings on eBay as I had found elsewhere on the web.  New church chairs, NOT used one.  The same “Hercules worship chair” that was being offered everywhere and at the same price.  I did however find some used church chairs as well…  And some of the prices seemed very tempting.

The bid was $15 for 60 USED CHURCH CHAIRS

Wow!!  However, when reading the auction carefully I saw the words “the bid price is for one chair but you must buy all 60”.  So the bid I saw wasn’t for 60 chairs, it was $15 for one chair – at least $900 for all sixty.  Add that to the fact that the condition on the chairs was “some wear and tear” and I gave a second thought.  I decided to go back to Google and continue looking for used church chairs.  I came across the following article (it is a link) titled The Dangers of Buying Used Church Chairs.  There were a bunch of factors I hadn’t thought of about buying used.  UGH!

How can the simple task of buying chairs for my church be so difficult!!??

I also noticed a link to a company called Church Furniture Partner from the article…  So, I clicked on it and was taken to their website.  I wasn’t to impressed with the page, it was a list of manufacturers with the notion “contact us and we will sell you some church chairs”.  So, back to Google I went…  AGAIN!!!



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