Wahooo!! A $25.99 Church Chair! Oh wait, a $28.99 church chair… Oh wait…

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Church Chair Rant
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As you might expect our church’s primary interest was in SAVING MONEY when buying new church chairs.  So when I did a quick Google search for “church chairs” I was excited to find an advertisement for a $25.99 church chair.  I was thinking I was half way done!  $26 per worship chair would be below our budget and we could use the savings to support other ministries within our church.  So I clicked on the ad…  But what did I find!?!?


What the Nebuchadnezzar??!  I didn’t know if the ad was outdated or the price was wrong so I gave the people at Church Chairs 4 Less a call.  Only when I called it wasn’t ChurchChairs4Less.com who answered…  It was some voicemail that asked me WHICH COMPANY I was calling about!!?  It seems that this “church chair” company was not really a church chair company but rather a “any chair we can sell you” company who had different websites based on niche.  UGH!  I was already starting to get frustrated!

When I got someone on the phone I was told that the $25.99 price could be given on an order of 600 chairs or more and there was only ONE style I could get for this price.  WHAT A SHAM!  Sorry for the language, but I was instantly frustrated — my high of finding an below-budget church chair was quickly deflated.

After some other discussion (which annoyed me) I went back to their site and saw a bunch of listings for the Hercules chair at $28.99 — this was $3 per chair more than I had thought but it was still under budget.  Some more Google searching and this still appeared to be the best option.

So I look through some of the colors and find one that looks close to our decor and click it so I can order one for  a sample.  When I go to order I learn that the $28.99 price is AGAIN for a higher quantity than we need so we would in fact be paying $29.99 per chair…  I have quickly lost confidence and decide to keep looking for a company that doesn’t feel so “icky”…  I don’t want to buy chairs for our church from a group of used car salesmen!  Ok, sorry for the expression, there are actually some very nice and honest used car salesmen at our church — but you get the point!



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